Build Blog

This section is the build blog for hull No 1, remember we are not professional boat builders nor are we building our first boat or dealing for the first time in composites. So I would guess our quality and times will be pretty much in that category of skilled amateurs.

So why build your own boat, it would be far simpler to go out and earn a load of cash and go and buy either a second hand boat or even new if you can afford it, it would probably mean you would get on the water sooner and you will get more sailing time in. But building your own toys is enjoyable and keeps you away from the things you want to keep away from. Its almost therapeutic in a bizarre masochistic way, something all good sailors seem to yearn for. Well some do and if you are reading this, then you to could be in that category.

Ok then where do we start. Building a composite boat using hardbacks, formers and stringers has been well documented elsewhere on the Internet. If you can get hold of Ian Farriers build guide for one of his home built boats, then they are as good as you can get. Look on the large model forums where these techniques are written about almost ad-nauseam. Equally the model sites have really good instructions and techniques for bending foam and using composite cloths and resins. Even YouTube is brilliant at showing by videos how to lay-up composite panels  

So lets begin.