With the cost of moorings and dry storage rising, the TC601 folds to a reduced width of 3.5 metres. Owners can alter the geometry to get full folding down to 2.5 metre trailer width, but with the risk of “ rollover “ from the 9.1 metre wing mast and light weight hull, whilst motoring on the water, we would recommend only the reduced width of 3.5 metres. Equally whilst on a mooring the boat will be much more stable at 3.5m width. This 3.5m width should be narrow enough to launch and recover from most ramps safely and once on the water, each Ama individually  can be unfolded out to full width.

A “Farrier” style  parallel folding mechanism would be ideal but with the difficulty of getting the ideal geometry with a plan build and the additional cost and complexity from this type of folding, we are proposing a simplified folding method more suitable for plan build and at relative modest cost. This method has the advantage of leaving the Amas more upright, those  unsightly  “water marks” on the side of the Amas common on the Farrier type of folding, will be less of a problem if storing the boat on the water.

Once recovered onto a cradle on its trailer, the mast lowered and with the removal of just 4 pins, will allow the Amas to be fully disengaged and placed on their own trailer cradles, to reduce to 2.5m. Each F18 Ama is approx 40 kgs and with the lightweight beams and cable water stays proposed, the boat should be easily disassembled ready for transport.