Traditionally small 20ft Tri’s with a long and narrow centre hull, have suffered with poor light wind performance, when carrying additional crew and supplies, due to the low volume hull sinking below the expected water line. With a modern small Tri, we also have a need for a wide hull to ensure good cabin size.

With underwater shapes reminiscent of the 18ft Australian skiffs, the TC601’s relatively short 6.1m ( 20ft ) centre hull can carry weight, without the worry  of submerging a conventional Trimaran’s  long and narrow displacement hull. The Australian 18ft skiff’s wide underwater shape is renowned for light air performance and has been derived from “on the water development” over the long period the skiffs have been racing.

Equally when the wind rises and the centre hull begins to lift, the rear bias of CoE of the sails and wide rear sections will mean the TC601 will plane at relatively low water speeds and ensure once the craft is fully powered up, will allow the centre hull to optimally skim the water.

The central dagger board, together with the Ama rudders,  will ensure safe de-powering of the boat should the central hull rise too far from the water and yet have full steering control at all times.