TC601 Wedge

The TC601 is an all composite constructed Trimaran that is designed to fill the void between 18 – 20 ft beach cats and trailer-able Trimaran’s with cabins. The TC601  can carry racing crew or family alike for either racing or fun day sailing, and yet has a small cabin for shelter and privacy should it be needed. It size fits into the forming “T20Trimaran” box rule for racing.

The design is of high tech materials to minimise weight and offer an extremely stiff shell to handle the increased loads a light weight Trimaran can generate. This coupled with its design proven donor hulls and rig from an F18 beach cat, offers a light weight package of around 250 – 280kgs and with its 17.5sqm main, 7.5sqm jib and 21sqm spinnaker set on a removable bow sprit, is a fully powered up craft that could be used equally for racing or fast day sailing.